Sunday, February 27, 2011

Technology and where is it going?

Today this is my first installment of entries in regards to tech and how it fits in todays users and economy.

When anyone has a problem with computer, smartphone, printers, network etc; I have to remember back to a time when there wasn't so many "Tech Support" hot lines to call.  The IT business changes all the time but us "Tech Guys" must and all for the most part do remember, it about the relationships with our clients and future one.  Weekly I receive calls emails from people, friends, clients alike, and they all have the same problem...Knowledge and they don't want to get taken to cleaners again by a IT person etc.

We have all been there, so you know who you are..! :)  this is concludes my 1st blogger entrie to our new blog site.

Thanks for reading more to come !!

-Aulderan Tech Team !!   <><

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