Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Apple iPad 2 Event

Steve Jobs was there !! :) 

The event just wrapped and a lot of people are running around to post, announce etc, and I think its great, but the best part is that Steve Jobs didn't miss this event.  He is the key person for this event even though the iPad 2 is great and has all new features.  This time Apple didn't really have a big ending, which is I guess is to be expected giving other certain issues.

The iPad 2 is a game changer for the climate in which all other tablets are hitting the market.  A "Post PC" device is an understatement at this point, just with the software additions with "Garage Band" and "iMovie".  I could go on and on about the good and bad on the new iPad 2 in this entry, but at the end of the day, im focusing more on the direction and pulse of the company we all love which is that of Apple.

More reviews to come one the new iPad 2  thanks for reading !!!

Check out the New Apple Homepage with Videos etc:  iPad 2

-ATS Team and Family <><    

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