Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Tech Day !!

Hello again, today is a great day here at ATS.  We have had a lot of response with new website thats in process.  We have posted a few articles up about some Mac Issues and Windows issues.

I think that we have to be able to look at the overall picture and figure out individually how our Systems (OS) rather it be OS-x or Windows 7, can and will grow with our current and future use.  An OS can be a good fit sometimes, and then it can have trouble at every turn.

If we are to ever accept all of technology as a whole,  I think that people will naturally adjust the way they use it.  Software can help with knowledge levels of and education, including "ease of access".  At some point  there still has to be a little bit of a learning curve rather that be 1 day 1 hour or 1 minute.  Years ago that curve went into years, but the industry has changed that for the better in most cases.  All for now.... :)

-Aulderan Team  

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