Thursday, June 2, 2011

Windows 8 demo etc..

When you first start looking at the basic foundation of the new OS, you can see that MS is going to a mobile, and touch screen structure. Meaning that everyone today is surfing the web & networking and using social media sites and apps on their phones, and tablet computers.

The form factor is changing and how we manipulate data, and stream across a vast spectrum of platforms in order to consume and produce media and content. This was the plan years before the iPad or or iPhone, Android process.

Bill Gates in a lot of earlier interviews and speeches talked about how then and now we can take media content, and make it readable, editable, including enhance the state in which we are able to view the content etc. I often think that in the whole scheme of things that this foundation of tablets, smartphones and other form factors, was in play long before the general population ever thought it could be.

Gates also talked a lot of how he used a tablet PC from a early stage, software, web content, and now hardware is catching up to that expectation. People want speed, precise software, and quick processing times. Networks have been built & now scaled up to massive amounts of administration, and maintenance standards.

MS and Apple have always been at the forefront of harnessing these trends. But I think now that the recipe is out there, and has been for awhile, other companies and organizations now are starting to take the rings. To produce more content and different form factors, and companies like Microsoft will have to catch up or come up with something totally different and successful set the mind set back to innovation, and individuality.

The problem is that the information and focus data comes and a much faster rate. Not to say that MS can't keep up, but the ideas and software, and form factors have and are changing more rapidly than ever before.

It's an exciting time right now to be in the IT Hardware and Software business like we are, because it allows us to set back and see how new things take to the market, which now is faster and more precise. Stay tuned to our Radio Show broadcast on, where we will talk more in depth about of this. All for now. :)

- Aulderan Team

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